The Skincare Line Formerly Known as Ederra Bella Skincare


Frequently Asked Questions

 1. How do I know which products I need?

To make your decision making easier we created kits based on skin concern. Whether you are oily or acneic, sensitive or dry, we have a kit for you. Simply click on your skin concern and kits, as well as individual products, will be recommended for you. With each kit you are given the choice of cleanser. If you are not sure which cleanser our sensitive skin cleanse is for all skin types, so you can’t go wrong with that.


2. If I were going to start with one thing, what would that be?

Some people want to start with one or two things and that’s fine too. Really, you can start with any of the products. They were designed to work together but are also very good products individually. So feel free to try any of them. Customer favorites are Skin Polish, Skin Purifying Mask, Skin Quench and Skin Protection.


3. My skin is really sensitive, will these products work for me?

Absolutely! Our products are both gentle and effective. They are made from plant based, all-natural ingredients that both correct and soothe the most sensitive skin. If you purchase one of our kits be sure to select the Sensitive Skin Cleanse as your cleanser.


4. Can my teenager use these products?

Yes, these products can be used on teenagers. The products are made from plant based, all-natural ingredients. It is safe and effective for teenage skin as well.


5. Can a man use these products?

Of course, our packaging is geared toward women but the products are great for anyone who cares about their skin. Many of our customers report that they catch their men sneaking to use their products. Men can enjoy our products and have pretty skin too!

6. Do I need a consultation to purchase?

No, you do not need a consultation to have pretty skin with our products. Dr. Myla created kits based on the most common skin concerns so that our customers can have a medical skin care regimen without the fuss of a doctors appointment.

7. Is it safe to use while I am pregnant or nursing?

The products that are safe to use during pregnancy and nursing are Sensitive Skin Cleanse, Skin Tone, Skin Polish, Skin Bright, Skin Protection, Skin Quench and Skin Purifying Mask. But be sure to discuss with your doctor before starting any new regimens.

8. How long will the products last?

When using the products daily. Most products will last approximately two months. It varies based on how often that product is used and how much is used each time. A product that is only used twice per week will last longer than one that is used twice per day.

9. I’m noticing some irritation on my face, am I having a reaction?

You may experience flakiness when starting a new regimen, especially if retinol is a part of your skin routine. Skin Texture is our retinol. If Skin Texture is a part of your regimen, you may want to decrease the usage of the product as your skin adjusts. We recommend starting with Skin Texture every other day. If you are experiencing irritation with every other day, then back down to once or twice per week. As your skin adjusts you can slowly increase your use of the product. The goal is to get to daily use. 

10. If I order a kit how will I know how to use it?

With each kit, instructions are shipped with each kit explaining what products to use each day and which products are for daytime and night time use. If you order one individual products, as opposed to a kit you can follow the instructions on the back of the bottle.


11. How long does it take to see an improvement once I start the products?

Most people notice improvement in the appearance of their skin within a week of starting the products.

12. What is the pretty posse and how do I join?

The Pretty Posse is an exclusive club of women who have made an investment in their skin. Once you become a member of the Pretty Posse you will be invited to join our private Facebook group and be invited to exclusive retreats for Pretty Posse members. In addition, The Pretty Posse members will enjoy new products before the general public and save 15% on all product purchases. You can join the Pretty Posse by redeeming 1200 Pretty Points that you accrue through our rewards program.

13. Is this a dropship company?

We are not a dropship company. Each order is hand packaged at our headquarters in Johns Creek, Ga. We are able to guarantee the integrity of each shipment that way so there are no unwanted surprises for our customers.

14. I really want to use the products but they are so expensive, why do they cost so much more than other skin care products?

The products are medical grade and formulated with the highest quality ingredients derived from plants. The purity of the ingredients is of the utmost importance so that we can deliver highly effective skincare free from allergens and irritants. They are packaged in airtight containers to ensure that the last pump is just as potent as the first.