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Healthy Habits To Boost Your Confidence in 2021

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2021! If you’re like us, you’re ready to leave the year that was 2020 behind with a fresh new start, new goals, and a new you to make this year a great one. In the spirit of the new year, there are many healthy, you-centric resolutions you ought to consider adding to your list to help you feel more confident in yourself and boost your overall wellness. 

Practice These Healthy Habits To Look and Feel Your Very Best

Today, Dr. Myla and your friends at Pretty Rx share a few healthy daily habits you can practice to boost your confidence and help you look and feel amazing in 2021. Keep reading to learn more, and visit Pretty Rx to explore our collection of high-quality skincare products.

Practice Daily Mindfulness

If there’s one thing the last year has taught us, it’s that uncertainty and fear can trigger stress and anxiety in all of us. Unfortunately, when we’re feeling stressed or anxious, it can impact more than just our mental and emotional well-being, but it can also negatively affect our physical health and wellness. When this happens, the weight of the stress we carry can cause the physical signs of stress to manifest, which may include an array of reactions such as acne breakouts, puffiness or dark circles around the eyes, thinning hair, and other physical effects. As a result, we may feel our confidence take a dip as well.

Tip: One way you can keep stress and anxiety at bay is by practicing daily mindfulness. Being mindful about how you react to stress can help you shoulder through it, and not only regain your confidence, but also enhance your self-esteem as well.

Cheer for Yourself

One thing is certain — we are our biggest critics, aren’t we? That said, while it’s great to set high expectations for yourself and always try to be the best version of you, it’s also important to do so with kindness, compassion, and understanding. It’s essential to find that balance of being your own critic by also being your biggest cheerleader. If you put too much pressure on yourself, it can have adverse effects on your confidence when you don’t always live up to your own expectations.

Tip: Give yourself some grace, and cheer for yourself every single day. Celebrate all the victories — both big and small. Give yourself compliments, keep a journal that lists out the good things you see in yourself, and believe in what you’re telling yourself. Doing so can be incredibly empowering to help maintain and enhance your self-confidence, and can help you always put your best face forward.    

Revamp Your Diet

If you find that your diet is lacking, or you’re simply bored with it, it may be time to change it up — and what better time than now? You see, the foods you eat and drink can directly affect how you feel and how you look. While indulging in foods loaded with fat, sodium, and sugar may feel good at the time, you may not feel so great afterward, which can affect your mood, your appearance, and ultimately, your confidence.

Tip: Look for opportunities to work in healthy foods and drinks that will support how you look and feel from the inside out. Do your best to limit or avoid eating foods that don’t make you feel good. Instead, replace them with tasty foods that are satisfying, but which also support your skin health, weight, and your overall wellness. When you do this, you may find marked improvements in your mood and confidence.

Embrace Your Natural Beauty

Let’s face it, with record numbers of people working from home in the new world that the pandemic has created, and with all the various quarantines and safer-at-home orders that have really limited our social lives, many of us have foregone our daily makeup routines — which we think is awesome. 

You see, we all have skin imperfections that can make us feel uneasy, which is why we often try to cover them up with makeup. But honestly, you can support your skin’s health, natural glow, and youthfulness by going without makeup every so often. Makeup can contribute to clogged pores, breakouts, and other skin issues, but by simply applying your cleanser, toner, and serum or moisturizer, your skin has a chance to breathe and rejuvenate.  

Tip: At Pretty Rx, we’re big supporters of going all-natural and feeling confident about the skin you’re in. We want to encourage you to try going makeup-less a few times a week if you haven’t already, which can be incredibly empowering and a major confidence builder. If you aren’t ready to go full-on makeup-less, then simply modify your makeup routine by only applying mascara, a little blush, and some lipstick to start.  

Make 2021 Your Power Year

There’s never been a better time than right now to empower yourself by practicing healthier habits so you can feel more confident, and shine like the bright star you are! Use these hints to help guide you in modifying your daily practices so you can make 2021 your power year — and see your confidence grow and blossom. 

If you’re looking for ways to boost your skin and beauty regimen to help enhance your self-confidence, be sure to peruse our collection of thoughtfully created skincare products made from high-quality, medical-grade ingredients. And from all of us at Pretty Rx, we wish you health and happiness in the new year!