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5 Ways To Feel More Confident

Confidence is something that doesn’t come overnight, and as a woman, it can be difficult to feel confident especially when we live in the age of comparison and social media. At Pretty Rx, one of our number-one goals is to help women of all ages, sizes, races, and ethnicities, feel confident in their skin. We understand that something like hormonal breakouts, mask acne, wrinkles, or other things can take a toll on your confidence. This is why Dr. Myla Bennett designed her skincare line to be medical grade without the need for a prescription or doctors visit, and all at an affordable price. In this blog post we will be going over some of our favorite ways to help boost your confidence and love the skin you’re in. Keep reading to learn more and shop our full selection of skincare products.

Stop Speaking Negatively

While this seems like an easy fix, you might not realize how much you are speaking negatively of yourself. While it’s great to recognize that there are things about yourself that you might want to change or that you need to work on, don’t spend too much time speaking about those. Positivity can go farther than you think, which is why you should focus on the good things about yourself that you love! Perhaps you love the way that you’re able to help people around you, whether it be at work or at home. Maybe you’re someone who enjoys cooking and is proud of the meals that they make. Is it one of your physical characteristics? Maybe you love your hair or the way that your eyebrows are shaped. No matter what it is, focus on the things that you know you love! From your physical appearance, strength, work ethic, and more, there are so many great things about yourself that you should focus on. Avoid talking down to yourself and you’ll find that your confidence about yourself increases! 

Wear Something You Love

Clothes are something that we either love or hate, but no matter what, wearing clothes that you love and that make you feel good can greatly increase your confidence. For all of us, that is something different, and remember that the type of clothes you love should have nothing to do with your body type. For some women, they feel best in tight-fitting clothes that show off their curves. For others, some feel their best in an oversized sweatshirt and sweatpants. No matter what, wear clothes that you love and that you feel comfortable in! Even if you’re working from home or running errands, you’ll be able to walk around feeling confident and that confidence will radiate out!

Learn to Accept Things You Cannot Change

Learning to accept things that you cannot change can help you let go of things that may have been altering your confidence. While 2020 has been the year of having to accept things that we cannot change, this still applies to you and your daily life. One thing that can alter the way you feel confident is that you might be focusing on things such as what people think of you or if they like you. Whether this is in a family setting, your workplace, or in romantic relationships, you cannot control how other people think. Instead of focusing on that, try thinking about things that you can control. You can control the way that you act, the way you perform, and the way that you speak about yourself and others. This can help you feel more in control which can also lead to a higher sense of self confidence. 

Stand Up Straight 

Posture is everything and while it can also help improve your physical health, practicing good posture can do wonders for your self confidence. Most of us tend to slouch due to long hours of working in an office setting or on our couches. We tend to stare at screens all day which can cause us to round our shoulders and stick our necks out farther than we need, which can ultimately cause you to practice poor posture. Instead, put your shoulders back, lift your neck, and practice walking around like that, even if its’ just to the fridge to heat up your lunch! 

Love The Skin You’re In

At the end of the day, we understand that this can be a lot easier said than done. However, loving yourself and the skin that you’re in can create a sense of confidence that will ultimately radiate out. When it comes to your skin, loving it may mean that you want to clear up those pesky breakouts around your mouth and chin or that you want your skin to be more hydrated and plum. Whatever it is, Pretty Rx can help! Dr. Myla Bennett founded Pretty Rx to be inclusive towards women of all ages, skin types, races, and ethnicities. Learn more about our company and shop our line of skincare products today!